Saturday, November 25, 2017

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

[GUIDE] Improving Mabinogi's Lag

Undoubtedly, the NA servers Mabinogi is hosted on are not the greatest. However, you can significantly improve this by modifying your MTU and disabling nagle.

Personally, I feel like MTU does not make a difference to my lag with any value. If you use Kanan, you can easily modify the MTU values by going into the config file. I currently have mine set at 1200.

What really made a difference however, was disabling nagle.

Speed test with NAGLE enabled

I am in fact, spamming my buttons to the point where it hurts. Yet the delay for loading skills and weapon switching is triggering.

Now if we disable nagle, load times and delays have a huge difference compared to when it was enabled.

Speed test with NAGLE disabled

Disabling nagle is quite simple. All you need is your IPV4 address and administrative access to modify your regedit.

Command Prompt

Navigate to the command prompt (or cmd.exe)
by using the run or search tool when pressing the Windows start menu.

Type in ipconfig and find IPV4 Address.
The line will provide you your IPV4 address beginning with 192.168.X.XX

Now close that window and open regedit.exe

Make sure to run regedit.exe as administrator.

Navigate to:

Find the folder under interfaces with a file that contains your IPV4 Address.
Right click on the folder and add two new DWORD (32-bit) values.

Name one TcpAckFrequency and another TCPNoDelay.
Right click and modify each to have the value 1.

Leave the base at hexadecimal.

Now you're done! Close it all out and reboot your computer.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

[GUIDE] Mabinogi Font

The frame rate for Mabinogi tends to be low when you're running through Dunbarton or Belvast- especially since there's a large number of players and shops with party names. This increases the amount of text that has to be rendered by the game, making your client slow. CTR+N and CTR+P is useful, hiding the names and party to reduce lag. Noticeably, this makes a huge difference to the frame rate.

DATA FILE LOCATION:\gfx\font\nanumgothicbold.tff

The font I currently use is YDYGO550.tff which has Hangul compatibility. Said to be from KR Mabinogi's client.

To change the font manually, a DATA packer is required.

YDYGO550 font replacement
Bitmap font from Abyss
Mabinogi's engine renders everything as a 3D model. Items in your bag, the bags, UI's, every single text, etc. Currently, the default NA Mabinogi font uses a large font that takes more time to render. Hence the reason why many people choose to mod their game to use a 'bitmap' font that looks small and pixelated.

Using a bitmap font is usually the best choice for better fps. But the font can be changed just for aesthetic purposes.

You can change your game's font through your data folder or through a memory patcher such as Kanan or Abyss.


Sunday, February 5, 2017

[VID] Shooting Gallery

Old video on Festia shooting gallery


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Monday, January 23, 2017

[VIDEO] Visual Range Pack Test

Filler video demonstrating FOV & Visual Range Mod.


[GFX] Cherry Blossom Trees in Dunbarton

Replaces trees in Dunbarton with Cherry Blossom trees.
May be laggy due to effects.

Download DCB.pack