Sunday, February 26, 2017

[GUIDE] Mabinogi Font

The frame rate for Mabinogi tends to be low when you're running through Dunbarton or Belvast- especially since there's a large number of players and shops with party names. This increases the amount of text that has to be rendered by the game, making your client slow. CTR+N and CTR+P is useful, hiding the names and party to reduce lag. Noticeably, this makes a huge difference to the frame rate.

DATA FILE LOCATION:\gfx\font\nanumgothicbold.tff

The font I currently use is YDYGO550.tff which has Hangul compatibility. Said to be from KR Mabinogi's client.

To change the font manually, a DATA packer is required.

YDYGO550 font replacement
Bitmap font from Abyss
Mabinogi's engine renders everything as a 3D model. Items in your bag, the bags, UI's, every single text, etc. Currently, the default NA Mabinogi font uses a large font that takes more time to render. Hence the reason why many people choose to mod their game to use a 'bitmap' font that looks small and pixelated.

Using a bitmap font is usually the best choice for better fps. But the font can be changed just for aesthetic purposes.

You can change your game's font through your data folder or through a memory patcher such as Kanan or Abyss.



  1. Off-topic, what interface do you use and is it available to the general public? I'm trying to revamp an old interface that I used since it was discontinued and this interface looks similar to it, and I'd like to import some elements of it.

    1. Hi! The UI mod is actually pretty popular. It's out for public use but it hasn't been updated in a long time. Here's the link to the creator's website:

      Only thing is that it is missing the soul stream inventory button that can open the bag. However, there's a work around to it. You can temporarily switch to a vanilla UI in the settings and reopen the bag, then return to the modded one. I've been trying to work on updating the UI myself but haven't had the time to do so. I've designed a temporarily icon but have yet implemented in.

      Let me know if you run into any problems!